Synchronia Solutions is a consulting firm led by Kristine Hoyak, a social scientist and systems entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research, teaching, and writing on health, professional identity, and strategies to support learning and innovation.

Leaders are increasingly recognizing that our communities and organizations are complex systems. I offer workshops and webinars that can build your team’s capacity to navigate and thrive in our increasingly complex environment. I have training and experience in leadership coaching, networks development, evaluation, stakeholder engagement and group facilitation.

Some examples of where these concepts have proven to be useful:

Integration of healthcare teams
Organizational change initiatives
Team-building and identity development
Evaluation of complex initiatives

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Simplifying Complexity Learning Series

The Simplifying Complexity Learning Series is an opportunity for leaders and teams to be grounded in complexity concepts as they relate to complex adaptive social systems. Participants share professional knowledge and experiences as examples to guide the learning, practice application of the concepts to inform planning and development of initiatives, and reflect on how to harness the advice and principles that are presented through coaching and dialogue.

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