The Powerful Stranger

In my course, Getting to Maybe: A Complexity Activation Series, I challenge participants to identify and engage with those persons who hold resources / authority over a part of the system we want to change. Frances Westley et al. call those persons the Powerful Strangers. To identify the Powerful Stranger, listen and investigate who people are referring to […]

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Knowledge is Quantum

About 20 years ago, A Japanese fellow named Ikujiro Nonaka postulated the Knowledge Creation Cycle to answer the question: where does the creation of knowledge happen in organizations?

Knowledge itself is intangible, boundaryless, and dynamic. If it is not used at a specific time in a specific place, it is of no value. The use of […]

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Simplifying Complexity

What is complexity? If you ask the Google, it will give you all sorts of varied answers. The one I like best is Complexity is that which emerges from the fields of order and chaos. How does one define and measure complexity? According to Melanie Mitchell, of the Santa Fe Institute, “There is not yet […]

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